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Connecting the people that make a difference ❤️ 


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Are you a kind hearted social Entrepreneur?

Then we would like to meet you! Humans I Trust is a global community of heart-led creators with hubs in Bali, Costa Rica, London, Tulum, Los Angeles and Boulder. By bringing our community together for Masterminds, Retreats, Festivals, Immersive Dance and Music Experiences and Adventure Play Day's, we catalyze consciousness, connection, & trust to empower collaborative synergy. This is the place you can meet you future business partners, investors, best friends or soulmate. You'll see. 

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Introducing: NFTrees Trust

Planting a tree is one of our most efficient natural climate solutions. They pull carbon dioxide out of the air and cleanse our earth. Since the start of human civilization, we’ve decimated 46% of tree cover globally. The best way to repair our broken climate is by using nature itself. Introducing: NFTrees I Trust. With each NFTree you purchase, we plant trees. And not just any trees: we plant the best trees for the individual climate and environment we will plant them in. From fruit trees for animals and people, to mangroves and coral reefs. Thank you for being a part of this movement to regenerate our planet.

We love you, we trust you, Humans I Trust & Human Trust Foundation

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Crypto Love Masterclass

After 3 successful online Masterclasses, the first one being held on the 1st of December 2020 and millions of dollars in Crypto returns gained by our hundred Crypto Investors, Humans I Trust has curated the ultimate Crypto experience for you. In this Masterclass Virginia, alongside Crypto Experts, many of whom have been in the crypto space since 2011, will guide you into an experience of not only understanding crypto, blockchain and practical applications, like setting up a wallet, but also up level your skillsets as a resilient and relaxed investor. This is a masterclass bringing Crypto to you with integrity and care. 

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Community, Connection & Celebration are the core of everything we do. Check the link below to join one of our upcoming events and meet your tribe. 

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Welcome Beloved Soul!

Hello and Welcome to Humans I Trust! This is a playground for your higher self to come and delight in celebration and joy. We are a global community of Artists, Influencers and Entrepreneurs uniting to spread peace and abundance on this planet. 

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Meet our Founder
Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a hyper-connector, crypto investment advisor and serial entrepreneur who was named one of Inc. Magazine's top 26 Women to Change the World &  Top 16 Women in the NFT movement by Hackernoon. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker, marketer, activist & Founder of Humans I Trust & The Human Trust Foundation & CMO of VEME.  Virginia's purpose is to be a trusted steward of our Earth.

If you read this & want to connect with her, send her a message on Insta with "I actually read your website." 

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