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Top 10 Conscious Creators to Follow on Instagram in 2024 πŸŽ‰πŸ“Ί

humans i trust magazine top 10 to follow Jan 25, 2024


Welcome, lovely soul, to another article on "Humans I Trust Magazine"! Today, we're diving deep into the realm of conscious creators, those magical beings who inspire us to think differently, live authentically, and create positive change in the world. I've curated a list of the top 10 conscious creators on Instagram in 2024 who are spreading love, wisdom, and empowerment across the digital landscape. What we consume on every level of our being is incredibly important. What we scroll through on our Instagram feed is no exception, our feed can sometimes be the difference between life or death, you never know what post will make that difference you weren't expecting. Here you find a list of people who are truly embodied in their experience & wisdom, follow them, receive their content & the healing that is their magic. 


1. Regan Hillyer

Instagram: @reganhillyer
"Self-made millionaire, Energetic Coach, and Philanthropist. Unleashing your true potential through the Energetic Architecture Method."

Regan Hillyer is not your average entrepreneur; she's a powerhouse of manifestation wisdom. As the creator of the Energetic Architecture Method, she guides thousands to rediscover their natural state and build multiple six and seven-figure businesses. Her mission is to help individuals make a big impact and leave a lasting legacy.

2. Sahara Rose

Instagram: @iamsahararose
"Discover your dharma and raise the planet's vibration. Best-selling author, podcast host, Music Artist, Ayurveda expert, and dance enthusiast."

This queen helps you embody your fullest expression. Host of the #1 spiritual podcast in the US Highest Self Podcast, 4x best-selling author, founder of Highest Self Institute and musical artist.

Sahara Rose is on a mission to make the spiritual journey grounded, fun and relatable. Her podcast is full of deep conversations and soul-shifting gems about love, sex and spirituality. Get ready for a journey filled with joy, self-discovery, and lots of dancing!

One of our Humans I Trust anthem's is Sahara's Song: "Trust Flow". Sahara's music is amazing, give her Spotify a listen here.

3. Jay Shetty

Instagram: @jayshetty
"Global bestselling author, podcast host, and purpose-driven entrepreneur. Transforming lives through ancient wisdom in the digital age."

Jay Shetty's story is a testament to the power of transformation. From a monk to a media game changer, Jay shares ancient wisdom in a modern context. With over 10 billion views and award-winning podcasts, he's touching hearts worldwide, proving that purpose and fulfilment are within everyone's reach.

Tune into Jay Shetty's podcast: "On Purpose" and watch your life transform. Or pick up his new book "8 Rules of Love - How to find it keep it & let it go". Jay is a true embodiment of media medicine. 

4. Ruby Chase

Instagram: @rubychase
"Music that sparks a movement. Singer, writer, DJ, and ceremonialist creating ritualistic experiences through ethereal vocals and tribal beats."

Ruby Chase is not just a musician; she's a ceremonialist taking you on a journey with her music. Blending tribal bass with angelic highs, her sets turn the dance floor into a sacred ceremony. Beyond her music, Ruby's efforts have raised millions for homelessness solutions and earth conservation.

5. Adam Roa

Instagram: @adam.roa
"Transmitting frequency through conscious content. A journey from depression to global impact, meditation retreats, and creating magic."

Adam Roa's story is one of radical trust and transformation. From a depressed state to volunteering in refugee camps and building clean water wells, Adam believes in the power of taking a leap of faith. As a manifestation coach and artist, he's here to help you remember the magic within.

6. Taylor Simpson

Instagram: @iamtaylorsimpson
"Embodying the WealthyAF woman. Wealth & Sexuality Alchemist, Multi-Millionaire, and host of The Embodied Woman Podcast."

Taylor Simpson's journey from anger management and debt to embodying abundance is inspiring. As a mentor to conscious feminine leaders, she helps women turn their shadows into superpowers. Taylor's dedication to authenticity and financial abundance is a beacon of empowerment. Taylor's latest love child is the "Untamed Festival" an all women's luxury festival in Costa Rica designed to awaken your inner goddess.

7. Alexi Panos

Instagram: @alexipanos
"Truth junkie on a mission. Making personal development mainstream through speaking, workshops, and a global community at SOUL SCHOOL."

Alexi Panos is on a mission to make personal development fun and accessible. With her workshops and global community, SOUL SCHOOL, she's synthesizing big ideas into bite-sized nuggets of goodness. Alexi's commitment to empowering one billion people is creating a ripple effect of positivity and love.

8. Jon Hillstead

Instagram: @jonhillstead
"Manifestation Coach and Business Mentor. Helping you get fearlessly visible online to manifest dream clients and create financial abundance."

Jon Hillstead's story of going from broke and depressed to a manifestation coach is a testament to the transformative power of authenticity. He believes in fearlessly showing up as your authentic self to create a life of fulfillment, flow, and financial abundance.

9. Isabela Aznar

Instagram: @beladivine
"Master Mentor and Native Mexican Mystic. Specialized in Inner Child & Ancestral Healing. Equipping humans with tools for a fulfilling life."

Isabela Aznar is on a mission to equip as many humans as possible with tools for a deeply fulfilling life. As a Master Mentor, she integrates mind, body, and soul for a transformative experience. Isabela believes in the importance of living in alignment with your soul's purpose.

10. Raamayan Ananda

Instagram: @raamayan
"Musician, poet, thought leader, and systems change agent. Inspiring you to think differently, open your heart, and become the best being you can."

Raamayan is a visionary and architect of the Next Civilization Experiment, merging ancient spiritual wisdom with AI innovation. He founded Creation, an AI platform unlocking creative potential, and co-founded Unify, a major conscious media network. His work spans roles as a speaker, author, and board member, emphasizing AI's transformative role in global consciousness.There you have it, the top 10 conscious creators to follow on Instagram in 2024. Each of them brings a unique flavor of wisdom, empowerment, and love to your feed. So, hit that follow button and let the journey of inspiration begin! 🌟

Thank you all for being exactly who you are! You are amazing, I celebrate your souls & to you reading this: I love you, I appreciate you, I wish you an abundant life of unconditional life.

🌹 Hugs & Love forever, 

Virginia Salas Kastilio ❀️


P.s.: All of these Creators are equally awesome, they are in no particular order! I just created the numerology so the logical mind can follow better! I recommend looking at each of their pages & seeing whom you personally most resonate with! Comment your favourite below! Would love to know πŸ˜»πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

P.p.s.: This is the first of many other lists we are creating! Please comment below what else you'd like to see! Like top health influencers, entrepreneurs, travel accounts, etc. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


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