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Transformational Dance

 🌏 Welcome to a new life 🌏

Transformational Dance (TD) is a dance school & eclectic ideology that uses dance to transform our experience of life.

At TD we stand for authentic expression, inclusive acceptance, inner transformation, finding freedom in being yourself & sharing our stories through dance around the world. 


These are some of the benefits that people have experienced going through this course: 

  • Discovering more freedom, confidence & embodiment in their dancing.

  • Experiencing the joy, play & love of dance come back into their life.

  • Obtaining new dance moves & perspectives on expressing themselves creatively.

  • Being a part of a Transformational Dance culture enriches their lives. 

  • Developed their capacity to dance to a range of different music genres. 


This course will give you a series of processes, principles & techniques to enhance your dancing ability, energy levels, mental well-being & physical expression. 

In these ten weeks, you will be exploring the 3 Pillars of this course: 

  • Foundational Pillar -  Within this pillar, we establish WHAT dance is to you. If we build something, we need to know what we are building first. This pillar will build the foundations for Transformational Dance.

  • Expressive Pillar - We establish the WHY behind your dancing within this pillar. When you a clear on WHY you do something, it will become more meaningful/purposeful. We then build our WHY in dancing upon the foundations of WHAT dancing is to us. This pillar will ignite your creativity, imagination and self-expression.

  • Connection Pillar - Within this pillar, we establish HOW dancing connects us. When you realise HOW your dancing can bring so much joy, value and inspiration to others, it will become one of the greatest gifts. This pillar will connect your dancing to everything around you.

Everything you learn from this course is yours to keep. The intention throughout this course is to give you new experiences and learnings so that by the end of this course, you will smile, realising how much you have transformed not only as a dancer but also as a person. 


  • This course is open to all levels of dancing experience, whether you have danced your whole life or just started. 

  • Someone who is open-minded and has a passion for dance.


The content will be delivered via videos, written text & audio downloads. Each week combines philosophy & experiential learning through a challenge-by-choice method. There are no mandatory aspects to this course, only opportunities to gain new experiences. 


We are proudly partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. We have planted 8,637 trees so far this year and provided 108 days of work for local indigenous tribes who plant the trees.


Jackson is a performing artist, renowned facilitator and founder of Transformational Dance (TD). He has facilitated over 250 dance workshops internationally for retreats, festivals & companies such as Mindvalley, Envision Festival, & Humans I Trust. Through the art of facilitation, he has had the privilege of curating experiences that invigorate the human spirit. This includes facilitating team building, human connection, men's work, entrepreneur masterminds & dance for corporate companies, high schools, festivals & retreats. As a rapper, he loves weaving meaningful messages through his music to share with the world. As his good friend, Kung Fu Panda would say…

"There is no secret ingredient. It's just you."

What People Are Saying:

I highly recommend Jackson’s transformational dance course. He creates an incredibly fun and interesting space to learn how to dance. The course was suitable for all ages and all levels of dance. I was a complete beginner and loved it!

Lachy Gordon

The Transformational Dance course is an amazing experience for those who want to connect deeper with their body. The processes taught by the team really open you up to the world of dance as well as your realm of expression, bringing forth your confidence and authenticity. I’ve done this course twice and I always find myself coming back for more. In the end, we all become one big dance family!

Jahnoi Moore

I have absolutely loved the Transformational Dance course with Jackson and his team! This is my 3rd time doing TD and each time I get to uncover another layer of myself, break free from the limits and stories I have told myself or have been told by others while reconnecting to my body and learning something different each week. The course is about dance and your relationship with dance but honestly... you receive soo much more from the experience! I am so very grateful to Jackson and the TD family.

Tara Banks

An outstanding program for anyone of any level wanting to learn dance and more about themselves. A beautiful way to connect with the spirit of dance, music and community.

Aaron Griffiths

Highly recommend transformational dance with Jackson and his team. I’ve always loved dancing and I’ve always experienced a lot of shyness and judgment to fully express myself through dance. The teachings TD shares really allowed me to open up and find freedom in my body again. Anyone wanting to explore freedom in their dance and expression check these guys out.

Sarhan Allen

An absolutely incredible experience that is much more than movement and dance. TD drops you straight into your heart and fills your entire body with dopamine, feel good vibes, joy and happiness. It left me speechless, feeling alive and uplifted and with the biggest smile on my face. I loved it and highly recommend it!

Damian Campbell