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Abundance Jedi

The Abundance Jedi Masterclass is an intimate, live recorded experience during the Ecstatic Awakening retreat in Costa Rica's jungles 🦥
By joining us, you'll have the chance to learn from our participants & leaders as they share their personal experiences with Abundance & Crypto.
This is the perfect opportunity to begin your own journey toward financial abundance in the world of cryptocurrency 💰

✨ What you'll get:

  • Opening Abundance Meditation
  • Improved Understanding of Cryptocurrencies 
  • Virginia's Golden Rules on Crypto Investments
  • Personal shares of various Entrepreneurs' relationship to Abundance & Cryptocurrencies 
  • Enhanced capacity for Abundance

✨ Plus, a bonus step-by-step Video by Virginia on how to open your Crypto wallet & receive NFTs. 

The majority of this course was recorded live during the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat in 2021, with an updated bonus video of how to open up your crypto wallet in 2023. 

As you intimately enjoy the golden nuggets from this retreat in the comforts of your own home 🏠 be prepared to be expanded beyond what you know now 🦋