Step into the dancer you always wanted to be!

Welcome to 'Transformational Dance' - the gateway to becoming the dancer you always wanted to be! Dancing is more than just movement; it's a profound expression of our inner selves. It transcends cultural boundaries and resides within the core of our being. The power to dance is already within you, waiting to be unleashed.


Transformational Dance (TD) combines dance, authentic expression, human connection & intentional transformation. My goal is to transform how you dance and connect with your authentic self.

Inside this course you'll receive:

✅ Processes, principles & techniques that enhance your dancing ability, energy levels, mental clarity & creative expression.

✅ New ways to dance & how to apply these ways in your everyday life.

✅ Increased freedom, confidence & style in the way you dance.

✅ 10 weeks of value-driven content including 54 lessons in the form of video, audio & written resources.

✅ Personalised feedback from Jackson James Kubian on your progress.

This course will transform how you dance & I am here to help you become the dancer you always wanted to be. 

Why We Dance

At TD we dance for authentic expression, inclusive acceptance, inner transformation, finding freedom in being yourself and sharing our stories through dance around the world.

Get Personalised Feedback

If you want feedback on your dancing or need to ask questions for further clarity, you will be able to reach out to me and received personalised reflections. 

Dollar Donation Club

Humans I Trust TV donates to Dollar Donation Club. Every Transformational Dance course purchased plants food gardens in Tanzania. Forest Gardens help monocrop farmers transition to agroforestry, a method of farming that grows trees that feed the community, while restoring local biodiversity.

Oooo I like that!

What People Are Saying:

Lachy Gordon

"I highly recommend Jackson’s Transformational Dance course. He creates an incredibly fun and interesting space to learn how to dance. The course was suitable for all ages and all levels of dance. I was a complete beginner and loved it!"

Tara Banks

"I have absolutely loved the Transformational Dance course with Jackson and his team! This is my 3rd time doing TD and each time I get to uncover another layer of myself, break free from the limits and stories I have told myself or have been told by others while reconnecting to my body and learning something different each week. The course is about dance and your relationship with dance but honestly... you receive soo much more from the experience! I am so very grateful to Jackson and the TD family."

Jahnoi Moore

"The Transformational Dance course is an amazing experience for those who want to connect deeper with their body. The processes taught by the team really open you up to the world of dance as well as your realm of expression, bringing forth your confidence and authenticity. I’ve done this course twice and I always find myself coming back for more. In the end, we all become one big dance family"

Aaron Griffiths

"An outstanding program for anyone of any level wanting to learn dance and more about themselves. A beautiful way to connect with the spirit of dance, music and community."

Sarhan Allen

"Highly recommend transformational dance with Jackson and his team. I’ve always loved dancing and I’ve always experienced a lot of shyness and judgment to fully express myself through dance. The teachings TD shares really allowed me to open up and find freedom in my body again. Anyone wanting to explore freedom in their dance and expression check these guys out."

Damian Campbell

"An absolutely incredible experience that is much more than movement and dance. TD drops you straight into your heart and fills your entire body with dopamine, feel good vibes, joy and happiness. It left me speechless, feeling alive and uplifted and with the biggest smile on my face. I loved it and highly recommend it!"

Meet Your Instructor 

Jackson is a multi-talented rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, qigong practitioner, renowned facilitator, COO of Humans I Trust (a global events company with a community built on trust & collaboration), & founder of Transformational Dance (TD). With over 250 workshops facilitated internationally for retreats, festivals & companies such as Mindvalley, Pranafest & Dr Joe Dispenza. Jackson has curated overwhelmingly positive experiences for audiences of all ages, from corporate clients to high school students. As a professional dancer & rapper, Jackson has performed for prominent organisations, music videos, & festivals. Jackson embodies the Kung Fu Panda philosophy that there is no secret ingredient-it's just you‚ÄĒemphasizing that our unique flavour can make all the difference in this world.

Transformational Dance by Jackson James Kubian


ūüĎá Includes ūüĎá

  • 10-Week Online Course¬†¬†
  • 54 Video, Audio & Written Lessons¬†
  • Access to personalised 1-on-1 on Feedback with Jackson
  • Completion Certificate¬†
  • Plants food gardens in Tanzania through Dollar Donation Club
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