Humans I Trust Event Schedule

Our events are like a sober & whimsical love child of Burning Man, World Economic Forum & Hogwarts.

Trust Quest Bali

Embark on Trust Quest Bali—a transformative event blending altruistic quests, eco-conscious initiatives, revitalizing massages, exclusive dining, enchanting waterfalls, and profound connections. Elevate your business and nourish your soul amidst unforgettable nature experiences. ✨🌊

23rd of November - 7th of December 2023

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Space Trust

Embark on the ultimate odyssey with Space Trust—an extraordinary year-long round table for Billionaires I Trust. Experience the pinnacle of adventure as we culminate in a monumental space voyage aboard the world's first carbon-neutral space balloon. Uniting impact leaders, we forge a visionary path towards global good, defying earthly boundaries. Prepare for an unparalleled, out-of-this-world expedition that transcends imagination.

January 2026

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