✨ Humans I Trust Event Schedule ✨

Our events are like a sober & whimsical love child of Burning Man, Masterclass & Hogwarts.

Trust Quest Australia 🦘

Let's see what 'down under' has cooking in the kitchen. Mmm smells like a luxury retreat designed to be played like a game with other magical beings. 🦄

The game that takes you on an adventure, upgrades your magic and reminds you of who the fuck you are. 🧙‍♂️

Yum! that does sound delicious, let me have a little taste test 👇✨

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Trust Quest Canada 🍁

Embark on a gamified luxury Quest through our favourite spot in Canada, the Rocky Mountains. As you embrace the pristine lakes & mountain fresh air, you will be paving the way for your avatar upgrade. 💫

An unforgettable magical experience of entering into your highest timeline and receiving what is our birthright: an orgasmic life of abundance, joy, health, wealth, & fulfilment. ✨

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Trust Quest Bali 3.0 🐒

In the heart of Bali, Indonesia, Humans I Trust invites the magical beings of the world for a gathering unlike any other. Converging in the heart of Bali for an initiation of resilience, trust, playfulness, & magic in "The Trust Quest". 🪄🥷🏼

Prepare for a journey of self-discovery & unity as we extraordinary humans embark on a gamified luxury retreat, expanding possibilities, igniting a transformational shift from fear to love & raising the collective consciousness to new heights. 🌀

This is Trust Quest Bali 3.0, where making the world a better place is as simple as playing a game 🎮

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Space Quest 🚀

Embark on the ultimate odyssey with Space Trust—an extraordinary year-long round table for Billionaires I Trust. Experience the pinnacle of adventure as we culminate in a monumental space voyage aboard the world's first carbon-neutral space balloon. Uniting impact leaders, we forge a visionary path towards global good, defying earthly boundaries. Prepare for an unparalleled, out-of-this-world expedition that transcends imagination. 

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