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🥬✨ The Three Keys to Perfect Health

perfect health Jun 17, 2024

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In the pursuit of holistic well-being, it's easy to get lost in the myriad of diets, workout regimes, and self-help advice out there. However, true health is about more than just physical fitness or a balanced diet. It's a harmonious blend of mindset, nutrition, and movement. I’m Virginia Salas Kastilio, also known as Gini, and I’m excited to share my methodology for achieving Perfect Health. This approach combines a self-love mindset, WildFit nutrition, and joyful movement to create a sustainable, joyous path to well-being.

My Journey to Perfect Health: Growing up, I struggled with my weight and self-esteem. I was often bullied by my peers and even by my family, which deeply affected my confidence. At my heaviest, I weighed 75 kilos (165 pounds) and felt disconnected from my body and my health. It was a challenging time, but it also sparked a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through my Perfect Health method, I was able to bring myself down to 60 kilos (132 pounds) and, more importantly, find a sustainable way to maintain my health and happiness.

Here are my 🗝 3 Keys to Perfect Health:

1. Self-Love Mindset: The foundation of Perfect Health begins with a self-love mindset. Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves deeply influence our overall health. A self-love mindset is about cultivating a positive, nurturing relationship with yourself. This involves recognizing and removing mental and emotional blocks that hinder your progress towards health.

By embracing self-love, you can:

  • Build a stronger, more resilient mindset.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Foster a sense of worthiness and empowerment.

Practices such as daily affirmations, meditation, and self awareness can help reinforce this mindset. Imagine waking up every day feeling confident and worthy, ready to embrace whatever comes your way. When you love yourself, making healthier choices becomes a natural extension of your being. I recommend starting this journey with my friend Marissa Peers book "I am Enough".

2. WildFit Nutrition + regular fasting: The second key to Perfect Health is WildFit nutrition, a concept developed by Eric Edmeades. WildFit is based on evolutionary principles, encouraging us to eat the way our ancestors did. This means consuming whole, natural foods and avoiding processed items that are prevalent in modern diets.

WildFit nutrition emphasizes:

  • Eating fresh vegetables, fruits, wild meats, nuts, and seeds.
  • Understanding the psychological aspects of eating, such as recognizing and overcoming emotional eating triggers.
  • Adopting seasonal eating habits to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients.

By following WildFit nutrition, you can nourish your body in a way that aligns with its natural needs, promoting sustained energy and overall health. Imagine the vitality and clarity that comes from eating foods that your body was designed to thrive on. It's not about restriction but about embracing a way of eating that supports your best self. 

WildFit talks about fasting, but doesn't do it with you on the program. A water fast is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only do you kill cancer cells & lose weight, a water fast also gives you this incredible high because you are not spending so much for your energy digesting, you have all this extra energy & just feel amazing. Important: Please only go into a fast after 1-2 weeks of healthy WildFit diet. Otherwise your body will be starved of nutrients if you go into a fast without your body thriving on nutrients. 

3. Joyful Movement: The third key to Perfect Health is joyful movement. Movement should be something you look forward to, not a chore. It's about finding activities that bring you joy and align with your natural rhythms. Joyful movement includes practices such as dance, hot barre, animal-inspired movements, gentle stretching, and spending time in nature.

Engaging in joyful movement allows you to:

  • Enhance physical fitness and flexibility.
  • Boost your mood and mental clarity.
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your body.

Think about the freedom and happiness that comes from moving your body in ways that feel good and natural. Whether it’s dancing to your favorite music, hiking in the great outdoors, or practicing yoga, finding what you love transforms exercise into a delightful part of your daily routine. For me it's spending time in the hot room at my yoga center with either hot barre, bikram, pilates, trx or fly high yoga + dance & adventures. That is my joyful movement. 

Creating Your Personalized Plan: Integrating these three keys into your life involves more than just understanding them; it’s about creating a balanced, personalized approach that works for you. Each person is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. By tailoring these principles to your own life, you can build a sustainable path to health and well-being.

Conclusion: Perfect Health is about more than just a diet or exercise routine; it's a holistic, joyous approach to living your best life. By combining a self-love mindset, WildFit nutrition, and joyful movement, you can achieve a state of perfect health that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Health is not a destination but a journey. It's about finding harmony within yourself and your surroundings, making choices that nurture your body and spirit. Embrace the joy in each step you take towards better health and well-being.


Bonus Option: If you’re interested in a more guided approach, consider joining me for a Perfect Health call. In this two-hour session, we’ll dive deeper into each of these three keys, identify any blocks in your way, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve sustainable perfect health.

During the call, we will:

  • Dive into each key area: self-love mindset, WildFit nutrition, and joyful movement.
  • Identify and remove obstacles preventing you from reaching your health goals.
  • Create a tailored, actionable roadmap for achieving sustainable well-being.

Are you ready to transform your health and embrace a life of joy, love, and vitality?

Join me on this journey to Perfect Health and discover the magic of a truly healthy & wealthy life.


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